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Holy smokes! By Brandon Watson.

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MF Sushi 0. Lucille's 0. Monarch 0. Monarch Bar 0. See Terms for more information. Their actions would determine the fate of the invasion of Hitler's Fortress Europe.

THE FIRST WAVE | Alex Kershaw

The ten make a charismatic, unforgettable cast. They include the first American paratrooper to touch down on Normandy soil; the only British soldier that day to earn a Victoria's Cross; the Canadian brothers who led their decimated troops onto Juno Beach under withering fire; the colonel who faced the powerful mm guns of the Merville Battery; as well as a French commando who helped destroy German strongholds on Sword Beach. The book will give authentic voice to the invaders' enemies, the German enlisted men and officers tasked with destroying the Allies as they hit the beaches.

A short extract from the book I'm working on right now.


Photo shows Ranger Lt. Robert Edlin, the eve of D Day. He survived landing in the first wave on Dog Green sector, Omaha, 6 June - having crossed deadliest sands in US history. Here's how he made it. A miracle There were dead Americans floating, pale faces down in the water, sodden sixty-pound packs still on their backs. Time to sprint, run for your life. Make for the seawall, at the base of the D-1 draw leading up to Vierville.

Move or die. Men who still breathed were pinned down, cowering behind obstacles, ruined vehicles. The constant whine of bullets, sounding like a maddened beehive…. Edlin screamed at the soaked Stonewallers, paralyzed by fear, so exposed to very accurate German fire. You gotta get up and go! They were beaten, exhausted, broken teenagers, screaming for their mothers if they could speak at all. No time to help.

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  3. The First Wave: The D-Day Warriors Who Led the Way to Victory in World War II by Alex Kershaw.
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  5. The First Wave : The D-Day Warriors Who Led the Way to Victory in World War II!
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  8. No time to stop. No shelter.

    Alex Kershaw’s Latest Book, ‘The First Wave’ Available Today

    No bomb craters. Nowhere to hide. Mines still attached to so many obstacles. Nothing the Germans had made to stop the invaders had been hit. Not a goddamn scratch on a single piece of wire. Not far to go. Thirty yards to the gray seawall, the first place any man had a chance to lay down and maybe live. Twenty yards. A few seconds more….

    Too late. Well, I've got a Purple Heart. Edlin fell to the sands. My rifle fell ten feet or so in front of me. I crawled forward to get to it, picked it up, and as I rose on my left leg, another burst of I think machine gun fire tore the muscles out of that leg, knocking me down again. I lay there for seconds, looked ahead, and saw several Rangers lying there. Bladorn was too badly wounded to move.

    He was lying on his stomach, his face in the sand. Then I saw the blood coming out of his back. I realized he had been hit in the stomach and the bullet had come out his spine and he was completely immobilized.