Manual Dimensions of Baptism: Biblical and Theological Studies

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Born in ? What else happened? Vosko, PhD, Hon.

Biblical and Theological Studies, B.A. at Crown College

Robin M. She previously taught at Vanderbilt University.

Dimensions of Baptism : biblical and theological studies | UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI LIBRARY

She has authored several books, including Face to Face Continue reading about Robin M. This book is very well written and well researched. Jensen does a magnificent job of presenting [the] five core motifs of baptism in early Christian documents and art. Her excellent knowledge of ancient literature is evident and her analysis of art forms very enlightening.

I appreciated her thorough survey of what various ancient authors said about these motifs and their understanding of the biblical texts and imageries. Thus the book can serve as a good resource about baptism and provide fresh, new insights into the practice of baptism in the early church. Any student of early church history and theology will appreciate its value.

Jensen's explanations of the biblical, theological, and ritualistic foundations of each motif of baptism are very well done.

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Drawing on a wide range of ancient sources, biblical and post-biblical, she does not underscore chronological or regional variations, but seeks to draw out the complexity of the sacrament by exploring its imprint on text, art, and ritual. The volume is richly illustrated in black-and-white. The focus on sensual, liturgical, and theological dimensions of baptismal imagery draws the reader into the mind and heart of early sacramentalism, helping to open up a view from within.

Jensen offers a rich fund of intriguing details and connections between art and text, theology and practice. She is a master of pace, combining breadth with detail, vivid vignette with insightful analysis. As enjoyable as it is informative, this is a book that is likely to be treasured by a wide audience, specialist and non-specialist alike.

What Robin Jensen does in this very valuable work is to marry the one with the other, skillfully juxtaposing the literary images that were used in homilies, catechetical lectures and other works with their counterparts in the rites of initiation themselves and in the mosaics and other visual decoration of the liturgical space. The book is firmly undergirded by her specialist academic knowledge of the subject.

This is a very welcome volume. Jensen builds on the significant scholarship of the past 50 years regarding the history of baptismal practice and preaching in the early church. Liturgical scholars will appreciate her careful reading and measured conclusions regarding specific debates in the field. However, the book is intended primarily for non-specialists, and requires no prior knowledge of sacramental history. The writing is clear and lively, and provides a wealth of material for anyone wishing to teach, preach, or simply learn more about baptismal imagination in both East and West in the early centuries of Christianity.

The visual images are particularly valuable as illustrations of her points. Jensen is rare among scholars of ancient Christianity in bringing astute analysis of Christian visual art to patristic evidence. Her book reveals a deeper significance to the Fathers' texts on baptism because she interprets the contribution of the material evidence, long-forgotten and neglected. Two significant studies covering a wide range of issues concerning baptism are S. See also R.

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