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Simulation of instrumented indentation tests on film-substrate systems Fraunhofer Institute, Freiburg. Fluid mechanical investigation of a molten salt tank for thermal energy storage systems German Aerospace Centre. A constitutive formulation of finite viscoplasticity for glassy polymers in the logarithmic strain space. Theory and numerics of nonlocal single crystal plasticity including the effects of geometrically necessary dislocations. Three dimensional finite element analysis of fracture and fragmentation using cohesive elements at large deformations.

Finite elastic and inelastic behaviour of rubbery polymers: Experiments and modeling.


Macroscopic finite element analyses of granular materials based on two-scale micro-macro transitions. On the modeling of material growth in anisotropic solids.


Internal variable approach and numerical implementation. Comparison of alternative kinematical approaches to finite element formulations with embedded strong discontinuities. Zur Konstruktion von Materialgleichungen mittels Tensorfunktionen zweiter Stufe. Identification of material parameters using instrumented indentation test data Fraunhofer Institute, Freiburg. Micromechanically based constitutive description of elasticity and damage in rubber-like materials.

Two-scale relaxation analysis of finite-strain single-slip plasticity based on a first-order rank-one convexification. Determination of the service life of elastomers using the FE method and experimental data of physical and chemical relaxation. Development of a PC-based program for the dynamic design of vibration isolation elements. Arbitrary Lagrangean-Eulerian finite element formulations at large strains. Incremental variational formulation and convexification analysis for elastoplastic materials with nonlinear strain-softening.

Ein Mehrskalenmodell zur Regularisierung lokalisierten Versagens elastoplastischer Reibungsmaterialien. Miehe , D. Teichtmeister Homogenization and multiscale stability analysis in finite magneto-electro-elasticity. Sridhar , M. Miehe Homogenization in micro-magneto-mechanics. Miehe , S. Aldakheel Phase-field modelling of ductile fracture: A variational gradient-extended plasticity-damage theory and its micromorphic regularization.

Miehe , F. Raina Phase field modeling of ductile fracture at finite strains: A variational gradient-extended plasticity-damage theory. Miehe Hydraulic Fracture in poro-hydro-elastic media. Kienle , F. Teichtmeister Phase field modeling of fracture in porous plasticity: A variational gradient-extended Eulerian framework for the macroscopic analysis of ductile failure. Miehe Computational electro-chemo-mechanics of lithium-ion battery electrodes at finite strains.

Miehe , L. Miehe , M. Hofacker , L. Miehe Multiplicative electro-elasticity of electroactive polymers accounting for micromechanically-based network models. Teichtmeister Minimization principles for the coupled problem of Darcy-Biot-type fluid transport in porous media linked to phase field modeling of fracture.

Miehe A phase-field model for fracture in biological tissues. Miehe , H. Dal , L. Raina A phase field model for chemo-mechanical induced fracture in lithium-ion battery electrode particles.

What is the Difference Between Elasticity & Plasticity ?

Mauthe Phase field modeling of fracture in multi-physics problems. Ethiraj , A. Miehe Variational modeling and homogenization in dissipative magneto-mechanics. Miehe Multiplicative magneto-elasticity of magnetosensitive polymers incorporating micromechanically-based network kernels.

Miehe Dissipative ferroelectricity at finite strains. Miehe Variational gradient plasticity at finite strains. Aldakheel Variational gradient plasticity at finite strains. Hildebrand Variational gradient plasticity at finite strains. Ulmer Formulation and numerical exploitation of mixed variational principles for coupled problems of Cahn-Hilliard-type and standard diffusion in elastic solids.

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  • Miehe A phase field model of dynamic fracture: Robust field updates for the analysis of complex crack patterns. Mauthe Mixed variational principles and robust finite element implementations of gradient plasticity at small strains. Miehe A phase field model for the formation and evolution of martensitic laminate microstructure at finite strains.

    Miehe Continuum phase field modeling of dynamic fracture: Variational principles and staggered FE implementation. Miehe Effect of electric displacement saturation on the hysteretic behavior of ferroelectric ceramics and the initiation and propagation of cracks in piezoelectric ceramics. Miehe Mixed variational principles for the evolution problem of gradient-extended dissipative solids.

    Ethiraj A geometrically consistent incremental variational formulation for phase field models in micromagnetics. Rosato Variational-based modeling of micro-electro-elasticity with electric field-driven and stress-driven domain evolutions. Miehe Comparison of two bulk energy approaches for the phasefield modeling of two-variant martensitic laminate microstructure. Miehe On evolving deformation microstructures in non-convex partially damaged solids.

    Linder , D. Miehe New finite elements with embedded strong discontinuities for the modeling of failure in electromechanical coupled solids. Linder , M. Miehe A micromechanically motivated diffusion-based transient network model and its incorporation into finite rubber viscoelasticity. Miehe A multi-field incremental variational framework for gradient-extended standard dissipative solids. Miehe , I. Rosato Codf-evolutions on polycrystalline orientation continua obtained by fast geometric estimates of plastic slip.

    Miehe , B. Rosato An incremental variational formulation of dissipative magnetostriction at the macroscopic continuum level. Miehe , J.

    Elasticity and Plasticity / Elastizität und Plastizität | S. Flügge | Springer

    Rosato A rate-dependent incremental variational formulation of ferroelectricity. Kiefer Variational principles in dissipative electro-magneto-mechanics: A framework for the macro-modeling of functional materials. Welschinger A phase field model for rate-independent crack propagation: Robust algorithmic implementation based on operator splits.

    Frankenreiter Fast estimates of evolving orientation microstructures in textured bcc polycrystals at finite plastic strains. Hofacker Thermodynamically consistent phase-field models of fracture: Variational principles and multi-field FE implementations. Hofacker A phasefield model of electromechanical fracture. Miehe A computational framework of three-dimensional configurational-force-driven brittle crack propagation.

    Miehe Efficient two-scale modeling of finite rubber viscoelasticity. Garikipati , S. Miehe Elastica-based strain energy functions for soft biological tissue. Bayreuther On multiscale FE analyses of heterogeneous structures: From homogenization to multigrid solvers. Miehe , E. Birkle A computational framework of configurational-force-driven brittle fracture based on incremental energy minimization.

    Rosato Fast texture updates in fcc polycrystal plasticity based on a linear active-set-estimate of the lattice spin. Miehe Microstructure development in standard dissipative solids based on energy minimization. Miehe A micro-macro approach to rubber-like materials.

    Apel Anisotropic elastic-plastic analysis of shells at large strains. Dettmar A framework for micro-macro transitions in periodic particle aggregates of granular materials.

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    Lulei A micro-macro approach to rubber-like materials. Schotte Anisotropic finite elastoplastic analysis of shells: Simulation of earing in deep-drawing of single- and polycrystalline sheets by Taylor-type micro-to-macro transitions. Lambrecht , C. Dettmar Energy relaxation of non-convex incremental stress potentials in a strain-softening elastic-plastic bar.

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    Miehe Computational micro-to-macro transitions for discretized micro-structures of heterogeneous materials at finite strains based on the minimization of averaged incremental energy. Lambrecht Analysis of micro-structure development in shearbands by energy relaxation of incremental stress potentials: Large-strain theory for standard dissipative materials. Lambrecht A two-scale finite element relaxation analysis of shear bands in non-convex inelastic solids: Small- strain theory for standard dissipative materials.