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YKTV: WWII Pilot Explains Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Brakes

Consequently, 98 of the RCN Avengers were fitted with an extensive number of novel ASW modifications, including radar , electronic countermeasures ECM equipment, and sonobuoys , and the upper ball turret was replaced with a sloping glass canopy that was better suited for observation duties. The modified Avengers were designated AS 3. A number of these aircraft were later fitted with a large magnetic anomaly detector MAD boom on the rear left side of the fuselage and were redesignated AS 3M.

However, RCN leaders soon realized the Avenger's shortcomings as an ASW aircraft, and in they elected to replace the AS 3 with the Grumman S-2 Tracker , which offered longer range, greater load-carrying capacity for electronics and armament, and a second engine, a great safety benefit when flying long-range ASW patrols over frigid North Atlantic waters. As delivery of the new license-built CS2F Trackers began in , the Avengers were shifted to training duties, and were officially retired in July TBM Avengers were used in wartime research into counter-illumination camouflage.

The torpedo bombers were fitted with Yehudi lights , a set of forward-pointing lights automatically adjusted to match the brightness of the sky. The planes therefore appeared as bright as the sky, rather than as dark shapes. The technology, a development of the Canadian navy's diffused lighting camouflage research, allowed an Avenger to advance to within 3, yards 2, m before being seen.

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Many Avengers have survived into the 21st century working as spray-applicators and water-bombers throughout North America, particularly in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. One of these crashed just after takeoff on April 23, , killing the pilot. There are several other Avengers, usually flying as warbirds in private collections around the world today. Data from [ citation needed ]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Main article: Flight Aviation portal Companies portal United States portal. The Aviation History Online Museum.

Retrieved April 2, The Sto-Wing used a novel approach using a compound angle folding-wing that was unique to Grumman Retrieved: 11 June Retrieved: 22 July The New York Times. XCI No. Retrieved: 17 October Retrieved: 17 November Retrieved: 4 July Jones AP article". Retrieved 1 October Jones September 16, Associated Press. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Kamikaze Hunters. The Mail.

Adelaide: National Library of Australia. Retrieved 5 November Retrieved: 17 June WWII plane lands at Shearwater museum.

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Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless Pilot's Handbook

Drendel, Lou. Fletcher, R. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK: R. Fletcher, London: Profile Publications Ltd. No ISBN. Geelen, Janic. The Topdressers.

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Auckland: NZ Aviation Press, Hove, Duane. Shippensburg, Pennsylvania: Burd Street Press, Jackson, B. Fallbrook, California: Aero Publishers, Inc. Kinzey, Bert. Pelletier, Alain. Paris: Ouest France, Prange, Gordon William et al. Miracle at Midway. New York: Viking, Scrivner, Charles L. Skulski, Przemyslaw.

Grumman Avenger Seria Pod Lupa 5. Tillman, Barrett. Avenger at War. London: Ian Allan Ltd. The inclusion of links does not imply endorsement by EDR of any other site, or its contents, or any association with any of its operators. This free quarterly newsletter, produced by New Buildings Institute for the CPUC, was developed to keep you informed of new training workshops, innovative building case studies, and policy advances in the zero net energy ZNE buildings arena.

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