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Unmarried himself, he lives in a handsome bachelor pad on the edge of Hampstead Heath. When he is found murdered, the police confront the most baffling of mysteries: who was the visitor who came to Pryce's house moments before he died, arriving while he was still talking on the phone?

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Why does his killer paint a three-digit number on the wall before leaving the crime scene? The police are forced to hand the case to Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne, who takes it on with characteristic relish.

But Hawthorne himself has secrets to hide and as our reluctant narrator becomes ever more embroiled in the case he realises that these are secrets that need to be exposed - even if it puts his own life in danger Or rather he used to Twitter AnthonyHorowitz. Josephus "Joe" Aloisius Miller is a hardened, world-weary detective originating from Ceres, Sol system [1]. He worked for Star Helix Security for the most part of his professional life.

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Hard-working, grizzled, and a bit of an alcoholic, he was dedicated to getting by. He knew the system was rigged, and always had been. He just wanted a decent cut of it.

He took pay-offs when he could and made arrests when he had to. He was perceived by his leadership and peers as unmotivated and was routinely assigned the least urgent duties as well as any assignments for which lack of results was preferred. He is quite a cynical guy with a dark sense of humor. She moves him deeply, It is mentioned that he has "Laura" syndrome -- a detective falls in love with a victim whose murder they're investigating -- and it may be true, but Miller doesn't care what people think about it.

He is determined to find her and eventually we see that indeed he loves her. An orphan, born and raised on Ceres Station in the Asteroid Belt , Miller and his fellow orphan Sematimba grew up in a life of petty crime just to survive. As they became adults, Semi planted this question in him, "Do you want to be the ass or the boot? Miller now works as a detective with Star Helix Security , an Earth corp with the security contract for Ceres. Choosing to work for Star Helix meant working for Earth — the oppressors of Belters like himself — but at least it put him on the winning side.

His friend and partner Sematimba got 'kicked off the force' and gave Miller his signature hat to remind him "not to lose your head like I did. His role as a cop serving an Earth-based corporation often put him at odds with the Belter inhabitants who consider him a traitor to his people. Miller has witnessed a lifetime of the horrible things people will do to each other out of greed, anger, lust, and desperation. Despite the lack of rainy or sunny days in Ceres ' subterranean colony, Miller wears a hat in defiance of the anti-Earth sentiments expressed by many of his fellow Belters.

At the start of the series he has never left Ceres. When asked why he has never been in space before Miller replies: "I'm more of a city Belter".

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His personality evolves as he investigates the case of the missing heiress until he pokes his nose too deep and uncovers sensitive information at which point he was fired. Having found a sense of purpose, he does not abandon the case. His devotion to the search for Julie Mao turns to something even more inspired when he learns her ultimate fate and that of the other victims of the experiment. After seeking justice for the victims, especially Julie, Miller was killed when Eros impacted Venus. In " Dulcinea ", as political unrest in the Asteroid Belt grows, Miller, a detective with the Star Helix Security group, is given a new assignment: locate Julie Mao , a missing heiress.

He learns Julie was sympathetic to Belter independence.

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He also discovers she left Ceres on a ship called the Scopuli '. In " Remember the Cant ", Miller realizes the ship Julie left on, the Scopuli , is the same one whose distress call the Canterbury responded to when it was destroyed. In " Back to the Butcher ", Miller visits his partner recovering from he near-fatal assault by "Pock Mark".

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Gia is present and Miller insults her motives. While Miller is reviewing surveillance footage of the docks, he finds an encounter between Julie and Neville Bosch. Anderson Dawes interrupts him to provide information to locate the culprit behind the assault on Miller's partner.

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In exchange, Dawes wants Miller to abandon his Julie investigation. Miller opts to forego any retribution against "Pock Mark" and instead question Bosch. This gives him the information to discover the location of the data that Julie purchased.

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Soon after, he is kidnapped. Dawes is covering his involvement with Julie Mao's disappearance by blocking Miller from investigating about her. It reveals that her ship, the Scopuli , intercepted an Eros-bound ship called the Anubis mid-flight. He tells his boss, Shaddid , about it, but she confiscates the cube, thus destroying any chance Miller had of proving his claims.

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